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Getting a phone number in another city

posted Nov 18, 2015, 11:17 AM by www integrated
A friend of ours had decided to move to a new city and had difficulty setting up her move because landlords and other service providers were reluctant to call back and incur long-distance charges. We set her up with a phone number in her new city via EZvoip

These are the steps she took:
  1. She signed up for the service specifying she wants to order a phone number in a specific area code, entering a few alternatives in case the first choice was not available.
  2. Waited for us to check and verify the account.
  3. She used the Welcome Email and / or the website to setup service on her smartphone.
  4. She tested that it works using our free starting credit.
  5. She deposited money into her account by logging in to the website with her email address and chosen password.
  6. We added the phone number, allowing her to make and receive phone calls.
Her new service came with a number of special features:
  1. Voicemail recording sent automatically via email.
  2. Only $1/month for her phone number with less than $0.01/minute for use.
  3. Receipt of text messages (SMS) via email and ability to reply by email.
  4. Ability to make calls to any country at very low rates and availability of all you can use plans.
  5. Ability to record phone calls at no extra charge, with the recording instantly saved on the phone, without any other privacy issues.
  6. Ability to set up a toll free number for around $5/month including usage
  7. Ability to set up an IVR (phone menu) in multiple languages.
She is now happily living in her new city, still using our service. We recommended that she only get a "tablet (Data Only) plan" from her cell phone provider to maximize savings.