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Usage Scenarios

There are several ways to make use of your VOIP service. They can be used separately or simultaneously. There are no restrictions and you will be charged for the time spent in each conversation that is being terminated (carried) by our service, except for in-network calls or special numbers - or unlimited plans. 

Most of our clients pay less than $8/month, even including long distance and overseas calls. These are their reasons to use VOIP / SIP:
  • You feel that the cell phone company is ripping you off (Canada, for instance, has the most expensive mobile phone service in OECD) but don't want to give up using your cell phone - just pay less.
  • You travel often and want to take your landline with you without paying outrageous cell phone roaming charges.
  • You find that a landline is even more expensive than a cell phone.
  • You use a card to call other countries but find that you never speak for the minutes they promise you, paying much more than the advertised rate. With us, you can almost immediately see online how long you talked and how much you were billed, in 6 seconds increments.
  • You need advanced capabilities (IVR, multiple voice mailboxes, multiple phone numbers at $2 / month, DISA) and require features your current providers cannot offer you.
  • You have a relative who wants to keep using their landline, they pay more than $10 / month and you know that their phone company is taking advantage of them.


The easiest setup involves using a software program on your Internet-connected computer. The program is called softphone, can be installed on any such computer and requires a microphone and speakers or preferably a headset. There are numerous free and commercial programs you can download for a multitude of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPod, Android, Symbian etc.

VoIP Adapter or ATA

If your place is wired for traditional phone service or if you have one or more regular phones that you want (to keep) using, or if you want to be able to talk on the phone even when your computer is off, you need to purchase a VoIP adapter, which costs at least $80. This adapter connects on one end to your broadband router and on the other to your phone line. The device does not require a computer to be on and is very reliable.


Any device capable of voice communication and capable of connecting through WiFi will generally support VOIP and SIP. You may install a SIP application on your iPod, iPhone, Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile smartphone. You will definitely be able to use SIP when your phone is connected through WiFi, and you are likely to be able to use VOIP SIP when you are connected through 3G if your cell phone provider allows it (most do).

Apart from the aforementioned means of using VOIP - which remain the most widely deployed - you may also use many other devices. You may purchase an ATA from us or buy it from a retailer and set it up yourself, after signup, using our configuration samples as a guide.