Welcome to WWW Integrated Beta / Backup!

This site is a backup of our main site, maintained and designed in order to provide continuity during an outage. It can be reached at http://

  • backup.wintegrated.com
  • ww2.wintegrated.com
  • sites.google.com/site/wintegrated
(whenever the main site is down)

Our Mission

To help businesses fully leverage the power of the Internet for communications and revenue generation and to help our customers make better use of the latest technologies.

Company Profile

Started in 1994 by a former University of Toronto engineering student, our company grew and matured along with the Internet. Initially starting with web design, we graduated to backend programming and Internet security consulting. We have now expanded our services to include public relations and content creation. We are proud to have a client base built almost exclusively on word of mouth. 

For our services, see Consulting, Domain names and VoIP SIP telephony.