Our main focus used to be B2B and more specifically, Internet Security Consulting. We have broadened our scope to include domain registration and telephony. 

Our VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) customers who used to pay more than $40 for their phone line + "unlimited local calls" from an old-style telephone company see their phone bill going down to a total of $5-7 / month, depending on usage and the long distance or overseas calls they place. They also use many more features, such as IVR, Call Back and DISA, softphones from multiple computers or card calling that are free, while continuing to use their existing phone equipment with no modifications. As long as the internet connection is good, the voice quality is greatly improved, while the cost is drastically reduced.

Apart from our consumer offer, we provide a wide range of consulting services, centered mostly on Internet Security and related fields. Entrust your project to us and you will not be disappointed!